European Journal of Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 9, Issue 2, 2024
PDF Full Article, DOI: 10.36868/ejmse.2024.09.02.135, pp. 135-150

Abdullahi Madu YAMI1

1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Modibbo Adama University Yola, Nigeria

* Corresponding author: ibnbatal72@gmail.com

Response surface methodology was used for optimization of methyl ester production parameters with the two-step trans- esterification of Yellow oleander seed oil. The model equation obtained with R2, 0.877 and coefficient of variation (CV), 3.21% shows the reliability of the model and adequately captured the correlation between the biodiesel yield and process parameters. The result suggested the best combination of the process variables for optimum biodiesel yield of 91.42% are: reaction temperature (46.61 °C); reaction time (90.52 min); amount of methanol (5.90 cm3/g oil) and catalyst concentration (11.44gm). Validation results show close agreement between the actual (90.85%) and predicted (91.42%) biodiesel yields.

Keywords: Optimization, Yellow oleander, Trans- esterification, Biodiesel, Central Composite design, Response Surface Methodology.

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